Fantastic reviews 🤩



Bought a thong worn for three days, god it was delicious!!



Wow! What a wonderful session with a magnificent Mistress today.

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left Mistress had me completely under her control.
Mistress’s premise is easy to find, with lots of free parking nearby, and is completely, I mean completely, spotless.
Mistress spent a lot of time prior to this first session understanding what my kinks are, and even allowed me to bring some clothes and toys of my own.
Rather than let me use all these items immediately, she cunningly mixed different forms of worship into the process taking me into at least 4 different rooms within her chambers, all with a different purpose, during the session.

An expert at denial, she tormented me right to the edge until I lost count of how often, keeping me so completely under her command I knew I could not find relief until she decided I could.
Mistress took me to a place of total submission where my only purpose was to follow her every command for the 2 hours I was allowed to remain in her presence.
An experience I will not forget!



Thank you my Goddess! loved the scented thongs so much, as described, thongs worn during work out. They're soaking wet of your sweat and your scent is wonderful I am wearing them over my face, whilst writing this review 😜

Incredible Scent – TONYR54 JUL24


Fantastic Mistress!! supplied me with her scented panties and some of her old well worn denim jeans. Excellent fast service takes a pride in her work! great to work with I will use Mistress services again.

Amazing Videos BIFFO JUL24


I can't say enough good things about this incredible mistress and lady. She is amazing, and I've been devoted to her for three years now. In her personal videos, she always fulfills my desires and leaves me craving more. She consistently asks questions to ensure she understands what I want to achieve with each video. Thank you, mistress, you're truly amazing!!

Portsmouth - UK - EUROPE - USA

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